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POSTUMIA1967 operates in the high-end residential property market. We offer bespoke services to our international customers supporting them during all organization and implementation phases of the investment project. We can be your unique and trusted specialist:

  1 - flexible open-networking organization tailor made for each project.
  2 - small and independent property investment for personal and client needs.
  3 - local experience and  international approach.

Our organization has an open-network structure. Cesare Zago runs the company since early 2000 through strict and continuous collaboration with many freelance professionals. The team is in charge with our own property investments, and is used to deal with all burocratic, legal and technical matters. This open-structure allow us to have an extremely flexible and competent system which can suit any kind of project.


We are a third generation family company with roots firmly planted in the past. After the rapid changing of the 90s, the company transformed itself and started to operate as a general contractor taking care of the ideation, coordination and development of real estate projects. Since early 2000 the company is directed by Cesare Zago who organizes all projects by following directly and actively all phases in cooperation with trusted independent professionals. We have a strong and enduring connection with the local mentality, paired with an international approach, which allow us to act as cultural mediators between our foreign clients and the local reality. 

We do not act on behalf of any group, agency, franchisor or simply property owner who needs to sell. We'll follow directly your property business in Italy putting owr past experience and our well established network at your service.


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