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Ghirada2 is designed for those who want a personalized space. Ghirada2 is a new lifestyle for those who seek living space, for those who believe in the value of design, for those who want, at home, a reflection of their style and their values. We have designed and built your home being inspired by your needs and your pleasures. We have designed and built your home by identifying and designing forms and spaces, in which imagination, feelings, needs and technical combines together.


Ghirada2 is for those who want to live downtown, but still want the pleasure of being immersed in a green park, and very close to some authentic tresures like Venice, Prosecco hills or Adriatic sea beaches. For those who want nature and quiet but still want to be close to services; for those who appreciate the attention to details, but especially believe that architecture and design mean well being and quality of their lives.


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