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Penthouse Ghirada2 Treviso

Pied-a-terre Tolpada Treviso

Villa Molisina - Sicily

Modern private villa - Veneto


Plot with olive grove


We deal with properties every day for our own investment and we offer the same unbiased and independent service to all our clients. We search and find properties, land, old casali or ruderi, newly built, to restore or to be built only following your personal and specific requirements. Our work is always focused on the overall property processes and investment goals.  All the properties in our web site are examples of properties or projects we are working on at the moment.


If you want to explore more property please visit our Property Hunting section in the blog Atlante Italiano.

If you have a special project in Italy whether it's to search a special property, or to project and develop your bespoke home, please CONTACT US




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