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"We follow all construction stages,  
from the architectural details and legal support  
to the completion of the finished product"


Due to the complexity of the building process, including the numerous regulations and technical aspects involved make the presence of a single, clear and authoritative figure necessary. The overall management process allows us to optimize the coordination between the various phases, respecting design choices and ensuring high levels of quality in the execution of the work. Our global vision of the project gives you more control with regard to the errors in planning and implementation. This translates into the ability to make cost estimates more accurate, and to follow a work plan which defines all terms of of the project leading to a significant gain in time.

We select the most qualified professionals and companies to carry out the tasks, and we favor the use of skilled labor and local craftsmen who respect local territory competences. We act as a cultural mediator between local customs, tradition and the customer. We handle the activities including the preparation of documentation, evaluation of currency proposals from contractors, and we put our experience at the service of the customer to support them in selecting and defining strategies for purchase up to the preparation of the contracts.

We follow the various steps involved in the physical construction work. We coordinate construction activities, making sure that all phases are handled carefully, that all legal requirements and bureaucracy are correct, and above all we control the timing and budget. Our global vision gives us the ability to handle and focus on the different skills involved regarding our objectives. We develop only projects where we have developed the concept, design, cost details, and defined them together with the customer.


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