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"We find your perfect home 
while optimizing time and cost 
with maximum transparency" 



In order to prioritize and to reach a faster goal, it is important to arrange a meeting to clearly define your needs and expectations. We define with our clients the characteristics of the property (in the case of renovation) or the building plot (in the case of new construction), taking into account the specific needs of each client. Keeping this in mind, we offer our customers solutions exclusively selected on the basis of pre-defined and agreed parameters.



We have acquired over the years a deep knowledge of Italy and it's property market. We work with agencies, professionals and specialized companies nationwide. Our goal is not to sell the property, but to find the right property for you. This search includes: selection of properties with the best quality-price ratio, the overseeing of all construction, legal work, bureaucratic issues, business valuations, solving structural problems, land specifications. All these elements are very important for any future property development, renovation,  property utilization, and any evenutal sale.



Our services are carried out from the negotiating phase until the final purchase. In Italy, the property market is a very complex mechanism, which involves various professionals, and there are many legal aspects to consider. We are familiar with all these mechanisms and we put at your disposal our experience and market knowledge. We check with our team of professionals all relative documents for purchasing the property. This includes the preliminary proposal to the deed, with the possibility to define any aspects related to financing. We act with transparency in the exclusive interest of the buyer to get the best conditions in terms of time and cost.


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