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We are not estate agents, but property specialist.  Our aim is not to sell properties, but to find, design or build the right property for you. Working with us, you will have the following advantages:


  °  Exclusive representation

  °  Negotiation on your behalf to obtain the best possible price

  °  Access to off-market properties

  °  Impartial advice

  °  Avoid mistakes in your property investment

  °  Saving time and money

  °  Full disclosure and fiduciary responsibility




We work on the exclusive representation of the buyer guaranteeing that our experience is aimed at reaching your goals. We work with only few clients at a time; we are a small and independent company, but more than this our attitude is firmly set on quality rather then quantity. We can assure maximum transparency and trustful service. Every single project, being a special home search, design or development, will be followed with the same attention and care we dedicate to our own projects and investments.



We know the market, we know how it works, we are used to dealing with all the different professionals, companies and authorities involved. Our aim is to ensure the proper price-quality ratio for your property investment in Italy.



We are the fourth generation dealing with property market. We have access all over Italy of many off-market property, giving you the advantage to get some of the best property tha will not be available in the conventional property market.



We don’t want to sell you anything ! In fact our work is to point out all good reason not to buy, and unveil all minor details that could hinder future desing and development. Even if you will proceed with your own professional our mind set is to look at the final result, take into consideration all future phases and processes of the property investment project. This approach will certainly allow you to get advantages in terms of time, effort and costs ! 



Our company is composed of independent professionals which make the working base for all our operational and daily activities. We will organize your bespoke search, design or development services  in the most flexible and dedicated way selecting the best and most suitable professional for your project. The unique and centralized direction will help you to avoid mistakes during this process.



We don’t believe in quick solutions. Our approach is to have a detailed preparation and preliminary study of each project. This coupled with our direct experience in property investment can assure you advantages in time and costs.



We disclose any and all important information that would be sensible to close the best price-quality deal. We act with no conflicts of interest having an exclusive fiduciary mandate with you.


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