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Monferrato is an hilly area included mainly in the provinces of Alessandria and Asti. It is an extraordinary land with beautiful landscape and rich in history and culture. Rolling hills, great charm, medioeval towns and small villages dominated by castles. Everywhere, even in the small towns, there are cathedrals, churches and chapels that give to visitors a particular mystic charm. Worldwide famous for it’s food and wine culture the Monferrato is one of Italy's most unique and fascinating area. In 2011 an official application was made to include the territory of Monferrato in the list of Unesco World Heritage site.
The Monferrato area offers you many possibilities during all the seasons (in terms of nature, sports, culture, traditional celebrations, and much more) and it can become the ideal place for your dream home.


Here you can restore a typical casale in the middle of vineyard, build a new contemporary villa in the hilly countryside producing your own private italian wine or buy an ancient castle on the top of the hill, with the memory of old warrior power and incomparable beauty.


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